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Fast Attack Tactical Litter Fast Attack Tactical Litter, Black, adjustable leg and chest straps,Four side handles, reinforced drag straps top and bottom


  • Heavy-duty, impermeable PVC tarpaulin material
  • Six durable 2” nylon web loop handles (two carry handles on each side and one drag handle at each end)
  • Combined strength of all four handles exceeds 1900 lbs.
  • Drag weight exceeds 1800 lbs.
  • Stabilizing torso strap is constructed of 2” nylon webbing and adjusts to 76” with side-release buckle
  • Angled stabilizing leg straps are constructed of 2” nylon webbing and adjust to 32” with side-release buckles

BLACKHAWK! Fast Attack Tactical Litter BH-20ML01BK

SKU: krollBH-20ML01BK
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