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Demascus - Imperial Neoprene Shin Guards with Non-slip knee caps


Created by Damascus Protective Gear™, leaders in full body protective gear for law enforcement, military, and beyond. The Damascus® DNSG-B are considered essential equipment for tactical or disturbance control situations. The Imperial™ neoprene shin guards feature built-in knee pads with Trion™ non-slip grip technology. The highly impact resistant units are made to deflect from flying debris of all kinds. They are reinforced for comfort internally with shock absorbing padding and are held securely with multiple adjustable straps. Sold in pairs. Damascus® is a legacy brand with over 50 years of experience in glove and protective gear design. The Damascus ® brand product line focuses on head to toe non-ballistic protection. Damascus creates the latest in personal protection, from functionally superior cut-resistant gloves to cutting-edge, form-fitting duty gloves--as well as unmatched full-body riot control and tactical gear. Our products are worn with confidence by departments worldwide.

Demascus - Imperial Neoprene Shin Guards with Non-slip knee caps DM-DNSG-B

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